Review of Game Over Knockouts 2

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Review of Kayla ObeyGame Over Knockouts 2 – 8 mins

Kayla is quickly KO’d in a number of different ways from her invisible opponent (punch to face, belly, crotch, laser beam, etc) and lays on the ground completely limp, occasionally twitching and softly groaning. The emphasis in this video is on the limp poses.

Here is a sequel to an older Kayla vid that is way over do. The original Game Over Knockouts vid is an old favorite of mine and was super excited to see Kayla basically redo that video again. I love the idea of this video with just scene offer scene of Kayla getting KO’d and then having a good look at her laid out as she gently twitches. There’s no story or anything, it’s like a highlight reel of Kayla KOs and I love it. If you haven’t seen the original video I would suggest you check that one out too as if follows the same recipe. No doubt you would love them both.

Overall score: 9.5/10