Review of FWR Superstar

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFWR Superstar – 27.5 mins

We all know that your humble producer is the true star of FWR but he needs to make a promotional video and has brought Peyton and Becca together to decide who will be featured in the video. The beauties immediately engage in all-out war to prove who’s best, even stripping each other down to their bikinis! The action features tons of sweet eye rolling, silly faced knockouts with both lovely ladies gaining victories. There are also several double knockouts and interesting KO positions. You’ll enjoy the following knockouts: pillow smothers, sleepers, nerve pinch, punch outs, frying pan attacks, temple drill, silly blow-up hammer attack, door smashes, and a punch-drunk fist fight in the ring. The customer who scripted this awesome custom wanted to see both beauties win as we’ve included two different endings for you to enjoy! And the icing on the cake is a few fun outtakes at the end.

You know, sometimes you just got to appreciate Rick’s humility, he really is an incredible guy, who needs to pat himself on the back more often. Even though the real FWR superstar is behind the camera, Becca and Peyton try their hardest to upstage him, the silly KOs galore, the back and forth action is this video is fast and furious. I can’t tell you the last time we got to see Peyton do some OTT selling, so that alone is worth the price of admission. As you can expect, Peyton is amazing with the OTT stuff. Then of course there’s Becca, who I will never get tired of seeing get KO, OTT or not, she always stunning. And next you can’t fake the chemistry between Becca and Peyton. These IRL friend play off each other like peanut butter and chocolate, whether fight or trash talking these two beauties just work so well together. And as a final bonus, we get two endings, both endings have double KOs with twitching (although I only vid capped one of the endings.) and a little extra scene where Becca and Peyton wake up to find out that Rick use a third choice for the promotion video, an idea that idea that I thought to myself before I knew this scene was in the video and I died laughing when I saw it. Excellent work, awesome video, I loved every bit of it. Don’t miss it.

Overall Score: 10/10