Review of FWR Superstar: Rookie Edition

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFWR Superstar: Rookie Edition – 18.5 mins

This custom video is a new installment of our FWR Superstar series. Violet and Persephone are called to the studio to let them know that they’re being considered for the newest promotional video and while they’re very close friends they can’t seem to help but knock each other out! This multi-scene video includes knockouts by face punches, accidental stretching smash, blackjack blow, door to head, mosquito smash in the face, mysterious perfume, tazer silliness, haunted boxing gloves, double sneak attack with blackjacks, frying pan smash, head smashes to the turnbuckle, fisticuffs with the humble producer, and a final fight behind the closed dressing room door. The girls wear three different outfits though out and each knockout is filled with intense eye-crossing, tongue hanging out, and finally lots of twitching! You’ll enjoy all the silly knockouts that you’ve come to love here at FWR!

I couldn’t be happier about these two being picked for this kind of vid, as out of the newer girls, Persephone and Violet are easily my personal favorites. And of course, I love that this is a ridiculously silly and OTT video that had me laughing out loud several time before it was over. I always mention that FWR makes the best silly videos, that somehow make sense, and what I mean is normally their silly videos aren’t just random lunacy, but are instead make some sort of sense as far as story telling goes. Well, that’s not the case this time, this video is the definition of “random lunacy” and I loved it. So the first scene and the last scene try to tell a story, but everything in between was just pure madness and chaos, with random and creative KOs, all filled to the brim with OTT reactions. From haunted boxing gloves that caused them to attack themselves and each other, to turnbuckle head smashes that somehow go awry, it was all laughable and fantastic. I also liked the outfit changes, even though the first and the last outfits where my favorite, it was still a good idea to mix them up. And Persephone and Violet were amazing, with OTT reactions just as crazy as the KOs themselves. As much as I love Peyton and Becca, I am so glad Persephone and Violet were chosen to continue this series. I can only hope for more madness like this soon.

Overall Score: 9.9/10