Review of FWR Pro Wrestling XXXIX

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFWR Pro Wrestling XXXIX – 12 mins

DING! DING! It’s time once again for FWR PRO WRESTLING!!!!! In the 39th video of this series, a pure rookie and innocent young beauty by the name of Violet Pixie finds herself across the ring from the equally beautiful, yet strong and dangerous, Madison Swan. The bell rings and Madison tears into the newbie with headlocks, some hairpulling, chokes all over the place, surfboard holds, powerful head scissors, a fireman’s carry, and a torture rack. The doe-eyed cutie is helpless as she struggles and stomps her feet in pain while her muscular opponent works her over. Madison ends this match with a spectacular heart punch that you’ve got to see to believe!!! 😉 Don’t miss this match!

I feel like this series has quietly grown into one of FWR’s biggest series, which is pretty cool. It’s also a series that can be a number of different matches, so you never know how some of the matches will go. This one however is one the more predictable as it follows the ol’ veteran vs rookie idea and this one didn’t have any surprise outcomes. I have to say that am so far impressed with the lovely Violet and I can tell you it’s all about her eyes for me. She’s a great looking girl, but those eyes are her highlight feature for sure. I love how they roll and cross as she struggles in all of Madison’s submission hold and this turns into a wonderful squash match, with a great KO at the end and Madison leaves Violet laid out in the ring. I love that Madison gets to show off her strength again, which is always great to see and Violet does a really great as a rookie jobber. I think she is another one of the new FWR girls that we need to keep an eye on.

Overall Score: 8.5/10