Review of FWR Pro Wrestling XLI: Persephone vs Gia Dream

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms FWR Pro Wrestling XLI: Persephone vs Gia Dream – 12 mins

DING! DING! Yes, it’s that time again, time for the popular FWR Pro Wrestling series! In our 41st episode we meet a new fem named Gia Dream. While this tall and leggy cutie looks too sweet to wrestle she quickly proves herself tough enough to go up against Persephone. The introductions are made and the action begins outside the ring as Gia attacks her adversary! But once inside the ring, Persephone gains the upper hand and get Gia in the corner for a boot choke then over to the ropes for another choke! Poor Gia is left gasping for air as Persephone continues her attack with a side head scissors. Gia isn’t quite finished yet and kicks out of Persephone’s pin attempt. The action is fast paced with more scissors, a standing boot choke, a kneeling knee choke, a two-handed choke on the ropes, plenty of foot stomping, four quick snap mares, and a final dragon sleeper knockout that leaves the veteran Persephone laid out on the mat under beautiful Gia’s boot! Please welcome Gia to FWR!

41 episodes! Remind me to count this one as another one of FWR’s incredibly long running series. I got a few things to talk about before getting into the video’s in questions specifics. The first and most important thing for me is Persephone is back at FWR! No announcement of any thing for my lovely little Persephone, but she’s apparently back and hopefully sticking around for a while, that’s very exciting for me. Next, new girl, Gia Dream, 5’10, super skin, super cute and made to look super, super tall in this video going up against the 5 footer, Persephone, in this clip. Tall and skinny is a great thing to add to the FWR roster, tall girls can be dominate, but Gia is also super skinny, so seeing her getting beaten up by Becca, or Violet, or even Persephone isn’t a stretch for the imagination. Hopefully we’ll see some of both from Gia. On to this video, specifically. A pretty simple match up, with a little back and forth pro action, Gia is brand new and rough around the edges, she’s was being careful and gentle while winning and that showed, but all that will go away in time. She seemed a little better on the losing side, but she wasn’t losing too long, so hopefully more of Gia losing soon. Persephone was very good, cute and evil while winning and even cuter while losing. Definitely happy Persephone lost, you know if it was up to me she lose every match, but that’s why it’s not up to me. Overall, simple wrestling match, but great signs for the future with the brand new, Gia Dream and the returning Persephone.

Overall Score: 8/10