Review of FWR Knockout Challenge

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFWR Knockout Challenge – 15 mins

Poor Peyton and Kat! They think that they’re meeting to have a knockout match only to be told that they’re actually just victims for two powerful female fighters. Enter Kristie Etzold and Saharra Huxly! Peyton and Kat try to scramble out of the ring only to be grabbed, bonked on the head, and knocked out. The rules are that Kristie and Saharra will apply seven holds to the girls and whoever knocks out her girl quickest will win that round. The holds are a hand smother, bear hug, iron claw, reverse figure four head scissor, belly punches, a nerve punch, and a sleeper hold. After losing the first three rounds, Kristie complains that Saharra’s girl, Kat, is too weak so they switch girls. The same thing happens to Saharra when Kat causes her to lose the next three rounds. Saharra and Kristie do rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets Kat for the final round and we finish with a beautiful sleeper on Peyton and Kat sending them both into a deep sleep! We’re sure you’ll enjoy all the eye rolling, groggy knock outs in this fun KO challenge!

What a great way to have Kristie and “The Huxster” show up for an FWR video. I love the face off with Kat and Peyton, when they were talking tough, and thinking they were facing each other and how everything changed when they get the bad news. I loved all the quick and easy KOs, sold very well by Kat and Peyton. I love the chatter between Kristie and Saharra, the somewhat friendly competition was very funny. It’s was also great to see Peyton getting totally squashed again, I might be wrong, but it feels like it’s been a while since she got completely flattened like this, she’s been busy beating the daylights out of Becca. I also feel like Kat has make a turn for the better, ever since her invisible foe video I feel like Kat’s kicked her selling in to a new gear. Overall, I loved this vid, Kat and Peyton are awesome jobbers, Kristie and “The Huxster” are the greatest heels and I just hope they got their hands on a few more girls of the FWR roster during their visit.

Overall Score: 9.9/10