Review of Fun with Knives & Swords

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFun with Knives & Swords – 20.5 mins

This multi scene custom video features our two beauties, Becca and LeAnn, acting out fights with retractable knives and long plastic swords. Each scene is slightly different but ends with both girls lying together in pretend “death” scenes. They stab each other, get shot with darts, and get stabbed by a mystery man (because the dart broke early in the video, lol). This video features the beauty of Becca and LeAnn in various positions as well as the struggle that leads up to each fake stab. If you’ve enjoyed our previous “Fun with Knives” video then you’ll love this one! *Producers note: This is totally fake and NOT intended to create a real situation.*

It’s been a very long time since FWR has done a fun with knives video. In fact, I think the last one was released just short of two years ago to the day (I reviewed it May 1, 2015). And after such a hiatus I really couldn’t have asked for a better addition to the series and hope that this video will restart the series. Becca and LeAnn both look outstanding in this video and sell it even better. I love how each scene ends with both beauties playing dead by the end, with a bunch of fun ways that even when one of them is victorious over the other they still get taken down. Whether it’s a last ditch effort from their nearly slain foe, or a run in from a mystery man with a knife, I really enjoyed all the ways they came up with. One thing I wish they did a bit more of was the open eyes, “dead stare” thing, at the end of the scenes. There were a few, but I really liked that and wished there were a few more. Also the writhing is really good and plentiful in just about every scene. I think this is a great video for fans of the Spy vs Spy genre, or belly fetish/belly punishment fans. Both LeAnn and Becca have great abs and they almost always get stabbed in their bellies, then writhe in pain for a little while. I sure hope this is the revival of this series, but it’s going to be really hard to top this one.

Overall Score: 9.9/10