Review of Full Round for Lora

Review of LadyFightFull Round for Lora – 17 mins

This video doesn’t come with a proper written description, but in short Lora takes one Eric in a mixed boxing match. She holds her own for a while, even scoring a KO, but Eric comes back and beats the crap out of Lora. He KO’s her, then ties her up with her arms over her head and uses her as a punching bag until she’s a complete ragdoll.

One of you amazing fans out there dropped me a line on twitter telling me to check out this new production and this particular video, as it was your custom and wanted to see my opinion on it. Introducing Lady Fight, this production is Russia based, I think, I saw it somewhere, but I can’t find it again as I write this. The production seems to be owned and operated by Lora. For a first impression this video is great. It really showed off the quality of videos and the location they can shoot in. Lora immediately steals the show with her smoldering intensity. Even though I personally don’t like to see the girls win in mixed fighting, I like how Lora fought Eric without fear. Her high kicks and big punches were pretty great. Eric, not to be beaten comes back with his own high kicks and big punches that really show off their choreography. The action is fast and looks brutal. I loved when Eric was in complete control and you can tell Lora was in big trouble, but she just refused to quit, staggering around the ring, doing everything she can to say in the fight. Another high point was when Lora was tied up and finally went out for good, Eric lays in a few more punches to the totally unresponsive jobber girl. This fight was just really well done and an awesome first impression. I may have really liked this vid, but there are some other videos that look really brutal and after this one I am definitely going back to check out some of their other content. You’ll see reviews on those as well!

Overall Score: 9.5/10