Review of Freeze Date

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Review of Kayla ObeyFreeze Date – 9 mins

You come home from a date and invite the person into your home. You both sit down on your couch and discuss how you both feel things are going, etc. The person you are with is fiddling with their watch and they eventually press a button on it and you immediately are frozen in time. The person states that they are suprised that the experiment worked and then they press their watch again and you continue speaking where you left off like nothing happened. The person then presses their watch again and you freeze, then the person decides to become bold and remove your top but they do not remove your bra. They pose you a bit and then press their watch again. You continue where you left off but immediately realize that you are topless and react. The person presses their watch and you freeze again. This continues on for a while. Your clothes are eventually removed with you just standing there in a bra and a thong. The person eventually finds a vibrator or massager and attempts to tease you and see what your reaction is when they unfreeze you and re-freeze you. This is, of course, after they have posed you in different positions that are sexy and tasteful. This goes on for a while longer until the person makes you cum, re-dresses you, places you back to where you both started, and then un-freezes you one last time. You come to again thinking everything was a dream and the person asks you if you are okay and states that you spaced out there for a moment. You believe them and they state they have to go home for the evening and they bid you farewell and then the video fades out as they are leaving with you stating that you both should go out again soon.

Here’s a Kayla Obey video you guys probably never thought you would see here, but it looked pretty sexy to me and it turned out to be sexy enough for me to want to review. Now frankly, I generally don’t like freeze vids, they tend to bore me and not do anything that I really fancy, but somehow, some way Kayla was able to avoid that, with sexy poses, that could be taken as KO positions, even though they are not, with those sexy, almost painted on panties and the whole vibrator freeze, unfreeze thing while she got more and more excited, then put back to normal just as she orgasms was actually pretty exciting to me. There aren’t many people that can do a video that isn’t aimed at me, but still somehow I enjoy it. I don’t know if that’s just how great Kayla is, or just how much I love Kayla. I guess we’ll never really know. But for now here’s a vid that it definitely something different from me that you guys can enjoy.

Overall Score: 8/10