Review of Francys Sentries Demise

Review of DefeatedFrancys Sentries Demise – 14.5 mins

Lilith takes down Francys with repeated sleeper holds. After each KO Lilith strips off an article of clothing, then proceeds to kiss, lick and touch Francys’s body. Lilith continues to sneak attack, KO and strip down Francys until she is fully nude. Then Lilith poses and plays with Francys’s limp body for a little while before finally stretching Dee out and leaving her naked body spread out in the middle of the mats.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this is another one of those really sexy sentry style vids with Lilith being the attacker and Francys being the victim. First off, I think Francys looked amazing with all her clothes on. Her sexy casual outfit was great before any of her clothes came off. And Lilith in her tiny underwear, especially that tiny little thong was also great to see. It would be nice to see both these outfits make a return at some point in the future. It was a bit funny watching little Lilith put sleeper holds on Francys, you could almost feel like Lilith had to jump a little to get her arms around Francys’ neck. Nonetheless the KOs look pretty good, Francys definitely sells them well with a little bit of eyerolling along the way. Of course once she’s out Lilith takes plenty of time to strip down and indulge in Francys’ amazing body. Lots of kissing a licking and touching before moving on to the next KO. The last KO being the best, because of the fully nude limp play, so not just kissing and touching, but Lilith poses the naked Francys with her butt in the air, and my is that a beautiful site. Lilith then puts her on her back and spreads her out for a final spread eagle pose. Any of these vids that end with full nudity is definitely a wonderful treat, Francys and Lilith both looked great and I hope to keep seeing these full nude endings every now and then.

Overall Score: 9/10