Review of Four Times The Fun

Review of Velvets FantasiesFour Times The Fun – 23 mins

Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Remi, Keri Spectrum, and Ivy Sloan. After a long shoot day at the beach, these girls are still fired up and looking for something fun to do. Ivy suggests a game of Hide N Go Seek, knockout style! The girls happily prance off to play their game, which is fully equipped with goofy reactions with variations of crossed eyes, and smiling KOs that leave their tongues hanging out!

Kicking it ol’ skool with this review of a classic Velvets Fantasies release. Got a request to cover this crazy vid and after checking out again for the first time in a long time I thought it would be a great vid to cover. Just seeing some girls we haven’t seen in a while was worth checking this video out again. Ivy and Remi are the ladies I mean of course and they were awesome in their time and it makes me wonder just how great they would be now if only they stuck around. Anyway, this vid is filled with tons of silliness, all the KOs are goofy and over the top, in a silly way, so no twitching or drooling, not that kind of OTT selling, but lots of eye rolling, eye crossing, some tongue protrusion and smiling faces as they go out. They ladies go round and round, teaming up and betraying each other, making sure that we get plenty of KOs from everyone. I love that the girls are in bikinis and high heels and love it even more that the heels stay on the whole time, even using the heels as weapons for a few KOs. There are plenty of different KOs techniques used that have the ladies sprawled out all over the place for tons of great KO positions, even a few body piles. This is one of those vids that is so fun to watch you just know it had to have been so much fun for them to make. It was really great to revisit this sexy and ridiculously silly vid. If you never seen this one before and want to see four sexy ladies knocking each other silly, this vid is guaranteed to please.

Overall Score: 9.5/10