Review of Four Rounds with Ziva

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFour Rounds with Ziva – 14.5 mins

It takes four rounds to wear this beauty down as you meet sexy Ziva in the ring for a boxing match. She’s not going down easily and gives you some punches along the way but as this four round boxing match proceeds, she finds herself on the receiving end of your hard face and belly punches. She gets saved by the bell up to the fourth round but you take complete control, toying with her, rubbing her face with your boxing glove, moving her around the ring to places that you want to punch her, and finally positioning her in the center of the ring for the big knock out punch! You’ll love seeing the little cutie at your boxing glove’s mercy!

There was a time when I thought I liked Ziva, but that time is certainly gone. After this boxing beat down, I now know that I love Ziva. She is so all over the place, reeling wildly from your hard punches, made great comments while she could and gets laid out cold in the end.  She tries hard to stay in the fight and goes punch for punch with you for a while, but soon you get several punches in before she gets another go and the it isn’t much longer until she not throwing any punches any more. That’s when she starts getting knocked down, saved by the bell and eventually knocked out. Ziva makes a lot of great dizzy faces and Rick gets a lot of great angles along the way and it all comes together as one really great POV video. For me this was the video/performance I needed to see from Ziva to really see what she can do and push her from the “watch list” to my “favorite list”. She really did an excellent job in this video.

Overall Score: 9.5/10