Review of Forced To Lick Feet

Review of DefeatedForced To Lick Feet – 19 Mins

StellaElizabeth is the new Fighter of Defeated! MMA Fighter, Purple hair with a really dominant and cruel attitude. Elizabeth’s target is to humiliate Stella, and she can do that without any kind of difficulties. She totally destroys Stella, forcing her to lick her feet, knocking her out with her feet many times, smothering her and playing with her nipples. Stella is forced to lick feet without any chance to escape, while she’s in pain or trapped, Elizabeth is just too strong for her and – she takes a lots of fun being cruel with Stella. Humiliated, forced to lick feet and destroyed.

More Defeated action for you guys and yes, more of my favorite, Stella, getting destroyed, knocked out, stripped and humiliated. If I said it once, I’ve must have said it at least 100 times by now, I don’t really care who or how, as long as Stella is getting destroyed, I’m going to love it and that trend, unsurprisingly, continues. In cases like this Defeated should really be called “De-Feet-ed” as again they’re favorite form of beatings and humiliation plays a huge role in this one. With another new girl, Elizabeth, who also happens to have some real life fight experience, easily “defeets” Stella, using pretty much only her feet. (See what I did there? LOL) I love all the great close ups we got of Stella struggling to stay conscious, as he get to watch on multiple occasions her eyes cross and roll back into her head and soon enough close. Also Stella has no choice but to lick and suck on Elizabeth’s feet as they are always in shoved in her face. Elizabeth is totally merciless, she just laughs and continues to torture poor Stella and Stella is completely helpless, just trying to find the quickest way out of this one sided beatdown. I just can’t get enough of seeing Stella destroyed, she continues to remind me why she’s my favorite at Defeated, so I can only hope to get more one sided matches like this in the near future.

Overall Score: 9.5/10