Review of Foot Domination after One Sided Quick Match

Review of DefeatedFoot Domination after One Sided Quick Match – 23 Mins

StellaThis is the fastest match ever between Stella and Janelle. Janelle quickly puts Stella down and locks her in a reverse headscissor. Stella can’t fight back, her face is trapped in Janelle’s Ass! Stella slowly goes out while Janelle’s making fun of her. Janelle wakes Stella up, Stella is stunned, she tries to make her way up using Janelle’s leg, but Janelle puts her down again and KOs her again with a foot smother! Cruel Foot domination for Stella! Janelle keeps her under her feet, Stella is disgusted and humiliated. Janelle enjoys this so much. She sits on Janelle’s back with her feet under Stella’s face. Stella can’t fight back and she has to breathe her feet deeply! Janelle has her fun for a while. She smothers Stella again knocking her out again. Janelle victory poses, her feet near Stella’s face. Then she knee down in front of Stella, and she wakes Stella up making a “Train” with her, Stella crawling with Janelle’s feet in her face! After having her fun with this foot domination fun, Janelle KOs her again with a cruel foot gag, leaving Stella no chance to escape. Janelle victory poses again over Stella, leaving her KO’s on the floor! What a cruel and humiliating day for Stella!

More Defeated action for you guys and yes, it’s again the wonderful Stella getting absolutely destroyed and humiliated. It’s pretty much official at this point, I don’t care how it happens, but as long as Stella is being badly defeated, with a couple of KOs along the way, I’m going to love it. So, Stella start of talking about how she’s going to beat Janelle this time, then goes on the attack. Stella’s attack in instantly block and Stella is thrown down. A brutal looking scissors puts Stella out cold with ease. From there Janelle is just shoving her feet in Stella’s face every way she can and talking all sorts of trash while doing it. Stella gets KO’d a couple of times in between the foot torture and after each KO Stella is more and more weak and out of it. Stella keeps hugging Janelle’s leg after being woken up, either trying to stop her from putting her feet in her face anymore, or trying to pull her down to the mats, or begging her for mercy, or maybe just a combination of all those, either way, I liked that. Again, Stella selling is awesome and we gets some really nice looks at her beautiful eyes as the cross and roll back. This is another very satisfying Stella destruction and I do love having Janelle as the heel, but looks like in my next review for Defeated, Stella’s getting a little revenge. I look forward to posting that one for you guys to check out soon.

Overall Score: 9.5/10