Review of Flexing For Dolly

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Review of Andrea Rosu’s Kinky ExplorationsFlexing For Dolly – 19 Mins

AndreaAndrea is flexing her beautiful muscles in front of a very enthralled Dolly. When Andrea offers to teach her how she gets such beautiful biceps, Dolly jumps at the chance! In order to really get a good view, Dolly must sit between Andrea’s thick thighs and place her arms between her legs so she can keep them in place. A dumbbell warm up gets her primed and ready for the real workout. By now Dolly is worried as Andrea shakes her arms and puts her in a sleeper hold. The pressure increases and Dolly’s face turns red as Andrea presses on her delicate neck. As a tease, Andrea releases her grip right before the crucial moment. Over and over she squeezes her until Dolly’s head slumps and drool starts oozing out of her lips. Since Andrea is not finished with her toy, she slaps her awake and smothers her by wrapping one arm over her face. Dolly panics and then goes limp over and over again as she brings her in and out of the knock outs. After her workout is complete, Andrea releases her arms and does a victory pose with her foot on Dolly’s neck.

Someone let me know that I needed to check out this vid and I am glad I did. The first few minutes are all about muscle worship and I don’t think anyone can blame Dolly for loving the physique of Andrea. This one really picks up when Andrea starts to put sleepers on Dolly, at first just playing with her, bringing her close to unconsciousness, but letting go before she goes out and then locking in the sleeper tight knocking out Dolly and making her drool. Dolly really goes all in for this vid, giving us some nice struggling, a little eyerolling and plenty of drooling. Andrea KOs Dolly about 4 or 5 times, each time making her drool and Andrea is clearly loving dominating the cute little Dolly. I’ve never seen Dolly before, but love how she sold this. My friend told me to check this out and I really enjoyed it, now I’m telling you guys to check this one out.

Overall Score: 9/10