Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldFIVE ROUNDS with SUMIKO and JACQUELYN – 25 mins

We fade in on Sumiko confessing some self-doubt to Jacquelyn Velvets about always being cast as a jobber. She tells her how much she wants to try being a heel, which is met by Jacquelyn cackling maniacally in her face.  Insulted, Sumiko challenges Velvets to a multi-round match on the spot…and here’s the breakdown for what ends up being one HELL of a custom battle!!! Round 1: Jacquelyn controls Sumiko after a test of strength and works her over with a bearhug that knocks Sumiko out, followed by a brutal TOMBSTONE piledriver KO, a belly stomp, and a SECOND TOMBSTONE KO for the pin (foot on belly) and win. Round 2: Jacquelyn already has Sumiko by the hair and traps her in a front facing neck scissors, a body scissors, a surfboard, a bow and arrow, an over the knee backbreaker, belly punches, and a final reverse straddle chokeout for the foot (tongue protrusion from Sumiko) on FACE pin and win! Round 3: A cocky Jacquelyn takes a surprise low blow kick from Sumiko…who decides to let her inner heel come out to play! She dominates Jacquelyn with a two-handed choke (amazing eyerolling from Velvets here!), putting her out only to wake her up and take her down AGAIN with a perfect sleeper hold.  Jacquelyn drools uncontrollably before passing out, but Sumiko follows up with a STRADDLE SPLIT PIN CHOKE that sends the blonde beauty back to Dreamland moments before Sumiko presses her face down with her hand…counting the pin and winning the round! Round 4: Sumiko now has BOXING GLOVES on and proceeds to demolish Jacquelyn with brutal blows to the face, leading to a googly eyed Velvets stumbling, her tongue sticking out as Sumiko pours on the pain. An uppercut sends Velvets to the mats and Sumiko unleashes a barrage of floor punches that leaves her opponent out cold and ready for a foot-on-belly pin! Round 5: A “STUN” SABER FIGHT!!!!   Sumiko tosses a saber to Velvets, who misses every strike. Sumiko plunges the saber into Jacquelyn’s belly, sending currents through her body and dropping her to her knees. A final double saber attack to the throat sends Velvets into convulsions, her eyes rolled, tongue out as she passes out in a perfect derri “air” KO pose. Sumiko delivers a foot on face pose / pin seconds before writing “JOBBER” on Miss Velvets’ forehead with a sharpie, and an even more insulting comment across her belly!!!

Got another great win/win SKW situation right here, long time favs Sumiko and Jacquelyn put on a show where we get to enjoy both of them on both sides of the match. First it’s Sumiko’s turn on the losing side, after she tries telling Jackie that she’s tough enough to be a heel, which almost killed Miss Velvets from pure laughter alone. Then goes on to dominate Sumiko as the description more specifically describes. Of course we all know Sumiko, she sells the crap out of it, as always and she does it a little over the top with some nice tongue protrusion. Then it’s Jacquelyn’s turn as her great cocky trash talk gets her a little too distracted and Sumiko takes control with a low blow kick. Now we get some great Jackie jobbing action, which is also always a pleasure. Her eye rolling is so good you can consider it over the top and she does some drooling too. Sumiko does some great KOs on Miss Jackie, I love the boxing KO, the light sabers. The added writing on body is always great for some added humiliation. Overall, I love when we get to ladies who really know how to sell it and we get to see them both have a good amount of time on the losing side. Sumiko and Jacquelyn both put on a great show for us, both physically and verbally.

Overall Score: 9.5/10