Review of Five Rounds with Becca

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFive Rounds with Becca – 15 mins

Becca has met you four times in the boxing ring. You defeated her in “Three Rounds with Becca” and “Becca’s Rematch”. But she made a comeback and defeated you in “Becca’s Revenge” and “Three More Rounds with Becca”. In a five round boxing match, Becca vows to break the tie by knocking you out. The bell rings and you begin punching the stuffing out of each other! This match goes back and forth with both of you kissing the mat a few times but as the match proceeds you have the greater strength and Becca finds herself in big trouble! She’s beaten silly and in the end you destroy her with four huge uppercuts. She drops, attempts to rise, and falls back to the mat … knocked out for the 10 count! Poor Becca obviously bit off more than she could chew when she entered the boxing ring with YOU!!

I am always interested in seeing Becca lose a POV boxing match, well really I am really all about seeing Becca lose any kind of match, but the boxing ones do hold a special place in my heart. As the description describes, this isn’t one of those one sided POV matches, Becca holds her own for quite a while, which is fine by me, one sided one’s are better, but as long as she loses in the end, I’m good. Our illustrious, yet humble FWR producer does a great job of being the mostly silent stand in for you, and even strapped on his boxing boots for this one. But even though Becca puts up a good fight, it’s not enough to come out on time and she eventually get too exhausted and then it’s pretty much over for her. Becca exhaustion and overall selling is again phenomenal. I was happy to see a few knock downs before the final KO and it was also a great final KO with a good long look at the out cold Becca. Hopefully when she wakes up, she forgets what happened and challenges you again, I’ll never get tired of seeing Becca go down and out for the count.

Overall Score: 9/10