Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldFISTS OF NYSSA – 24 mins

We fade in on the always lovely Sumiko looking hot as hell as she flexes and smile for the camera.  It seems our favorite maiden of mayhem has been feeling restless and is in the mood for a fist fight!  She goes so far as to issue an open challenge to anyone in the back. It doesn’t take long for that challenge to be answered by Nyssa, who surprises Sumiko a bit when she drops her robe to reveal her “Psylocke” inspired attire. The two agree to a “Fists of Sumiko” challenge match, No Holds Barred and No Disqualification, with the winner being determined by a ten count pin. As things kick off its clear that Sumiko is no stranger to this type of match as she takes control early, taking Nyssa’s breath away with a series of belly punches before driving her opponent against the wall and letting her knees continue to soften her up.  The hits just keep on coming and after a running superman punch that knocks Nyssa to the mat and some mounted left and right hooks, it looks like this is going to be an easy win for Sumiko as she prepares for her famous “splits” pin. However, before that final ten count can be achieved, it seems there is treachery afoot!  Nyssa’s hands begin to glow with a power and within seconds our Asian beauty has been shocked (thanks to some genuinely dazzling special effects) into unconsciousness. It seems Nyssa isn’t just some cosplayer off the street!  No, she has real powers and now that she’s in control, it’s payback time.  Nyssa proceeds to simply annihilate Sumiko with brutal punches, knees, and kicks!  As if that wasn’t enough she proceeds to use Sumiko’s hair to repeated slam her head into the mat, leaving her a twitching ragdoll! But wait….the worst is yet to come!  Dragging poor Sumiko back to her feet she is forced to the wall where a massive belly shot not only knocks the air out of the once proud fighter but sends a fair amount of drool out of her as well! With Sumiko little more than a helpless lump at this point she is easy prey for Nyssa triangle choke (with a few jabs thrown in of course.  After all, it IS a fist fight!) Finally our costumed heel decides to take pity on her opponent, who at this point is literally begging to be put out of her misery.  Kneeling behind the groggy Sumiko, Nyssa charges those powerful hands up again before smashing her fists together in an electric charged double temple drill that has Sumiko twitching like mad before she finally, and mercifully, fades into unconsciousness.  All that is left is an easy pin and a humiliating boot on face victory pose for this super powered heel.  Maybe it’s time for a “Fists of Nyssa” series? YOUR WINNER: NYSSA!

Although not entirely true, this is another Sumiko squash in my book and that’s never a bad thing. I mean, I know Nyssa was on the losing side for a bit, but she was just faking it anyway, so does that really count as Sumiko being in control? And once Nyssa showed her true power, Sumiko completely stole the show with her outstanding performance. The special effects are always nice to see, I love when superpowers are involved in someone’s demise and the special effects definitely help make those powers cooler. Seeing Sumiko turn blue was just awesome. It’s also nice to see the “Fists of” series turn on Sumiko every now and then. The last time that happened was FISTS OF KERI and remember how amazing that turned out. Sumiko can just sell it like nobody else, so it would be a shame if we never got to see that. Nyssa’s powers also cause plenty of tongue protrusion and great twitching too. If I ever had to knock Sumiko’s selling for any reason, it would be that most of the time when she twitches, she does it so gently it hard to tell that she is. She did do that when Nyssa first showed her power, but for the finisher Sumiko was did some great twitching and it was beautiful to see. She even continued to twitch all throughout the pin and final victory pose, all the way to the end of the video. Sumiko selling is always top notch, but twitching like that is a rarity and that’s why I can’t seem to stop talking about it (sorry). Overall, killer Sumiko squash and Nyssa did great too for the moments she was “faking” her KOs. I’ll never get tired of seeing Sumiko devastated like this and we might need to see Nyssa destroyed one day soon too.

Overall Score: 9.5/10