Review of Fist Fight VIII

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFist Fight VIII – 13 mins

We recently realized that it’s been 4 years since we produced a taped fist fight video so we decided to continue the series by pitting Madison against Becca in a one round battle in the ring. The first beauty that can’t beat the 10 count is the loser. At the sound of the bell our fighters went right at it, pounding each other on the ropes, in the corners, and all around the ring. Bellies and faces were smashed by taped fists and each girl found herself on the mat several times struggling to rise before the count reached ten! This nonstop fist fight between Becca and Madison is a video you DON’T want to miss!

Whether it’s a boxing match, or a taped fists, or bare fists, I am one who is always down to see the FWR girls throw hands. Even when it’s not silly or over the top, these fisticuff type matches have always been a fav for me. Add in the fact that Becca was on the losing end for the greater majority of the match and these outfits look absolutely amazing with high top sneakers and Becca’s just so happened to be converse. I was in love with this vid really before I saw it, but I only solidified that love after I saw it. The way Becca sells a beatdown like this is hard to compare, the way she looks exhausted and dizzy is nothing less than amazing. I also love the near KO knockdowns and the struggle to beat the count. Both Madison and Becca are great at that, but Becca had to beat that count much more then Madison. Oh, and Madison’s KO punch was awesome. We see uppercuts end matches all the time but this brutal straight right from the side of Becca’s head was killer. What a way to bring back a series.

Overall Score: 9.9/10