Review of Firestar Captive Episode 1

Review of Sleepy SuperheroinesFirestar Captive Episode 1 – 15 mins

Misty Lovelace makes her Sleepy Superheroines debut as Firestar.  Trickster has been given a kings ransom to kidnap Firestar for a mystery man.  Can Firestar escape the evil clutches of Trickster or will she be another trophy in Trickster’s ever growing list of defeated heroines.  Find out in Firestar Captive! Episode 1.

Resent SKW visitor Misty Lovelace takes her turn as the sleepy superheroine who is a plaything for the trickster. Sleeper Superheroines stay on theme as we get plenty of KOs and limp play. Not too much carrying in this one, but that’s not an aspect that I mind to have missing. I love the KOs, love how the sections of limp play aren’t too long before the next KO comes around and of course the limp play itself is great. I think Misty is awesome, she sells well, although the mask makes it harder to see her eyes, she’s got a great ass on her and it looks great in this body suit. I’m still not a bodysuit fan, probably never will be, but it’s just not possible to love the way her backside look in that outfit. This one is also split into two part and again, I would suggest if you like part one, go ahead a grab part two, it’s going to just give you more of the content you love.

Overall Score: 9/10