Review of Fighting Gravity

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Review of Cali Logan’s Power and PerilFighting Gravity – 11 mins

The Marvelous Logan wakes up in a strange place, with no memory of how she got there. She is very weak and desperately tries to find a way out. Suddenly, a strange sound begins to fill the room and she is sucked down to the floor by her cape. Gravity seems to be going awry in this place! The pressure is so intense that she is knocked out. When she comes to, she is even weaker and more confused. It happens over and over. Each time, more of her clothes are sucked right off her body and she is met with another KO. Then, a strange smell fills the air. She recognizes it right away, but there is no fighting the effects of the sleepy gas. Ms. Logan collapses once again to the floor, letting out a faint sigh on her way down. Finally she wakes up and gathers herself. She is nearly naked and cannot stand the humiliation any longer. She uses every last bit of energy in her body to fight the gravity machine and with a loud bang, she breaks the force field. Only, she is too defeated and abused to go any further. The superheroine falls to the floor for a final KO.

A little bit of a throwback here as this is vid is a few years old, but was, somewhat, recently released in a “5-in-1 POV Peril Bundle”. Although not you’re normal POV video, as the camera man doesn’t actually interact with Cali, this is a wonderful superheroine clip, with a very unique method of destruction.  The Marvelous Logan is thrown around the room by changing gravity, the collisions with the wall and ground KO Cali, as well as her efforts to fight the changing gravity also KO her and in the process her clothing gets strip off until she is no more than her bra and panties. Now there is one huge thing missing from this description and Cali, if you ever read this I need you to fix this problem as soon as possible, there is no mention that Cali twitches during every KO. Now those of you that know how I am know that is a massive selling point for me and I can imagine it is for other people as well. The fact that it isn’t mentioned anywhere is a travesty and needs to be fixed. I love Cali, and I love her selling, but when you add twitching to it all that bring everything to a whole ’nother level. Like this for example, I love the superheroine custom, love the whole “fighting gravity” thing, I love all the KOs, the amount of time she’s unconscious, the struggling/heavy breathing, the stripping and of course Cali’s outstanding selling and good looks, but the fact that she twitches during every KO, except the last, takes what would have been a pretty good superheroine vid, to one of my favorite Cali vids ever, right up there with “Sentry and the Spy” series, with just so happens to have lots of twitching, but also lacks any mention of it in the descriptions. You got to fix that Cali, please.

Overall Score: 9.5/10