Review of Fight to the Finish

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFight to the Finish – 16 Mins

BeccaIn this custom video we find Becca mocking Maryjane in front of the ring. Maryjane is standing cautiously, not scared but not entirely confident. Becca has beaten Maryjane previously, and is taunting her over it as they begin their rematch. Becca is confident she’ll easily win again. The girls lock up and it’s Maryjane who gets a rear bear hug on Becca! But the tables are turned and soon Maryjane is caught in a head lock. Becca then gets her foe down to the carpet and stomps and grinds her foot on her back. Thinking she’s got this match already won, Becca places her bare foot on Maryjane’s face and continues to talk trash. The smaller girl is yanked to her feet and put in a sleeper hold by Becca but suddenly things go horribly wrong! Maryjane stomps on Becca’s bare foot and gets her against the wall. After numerous knees to the crotch and a well-placed uppercut, Becca is stunned and ends up on the way toward defeat! She tries to fight back a little but Maryjane is surprisingly strong! You’ll see Becca forced to the carpet and sat on while being taunted, a grapevine pin with Maryjane having fun dominating, several hard punches to the belly, some humiliating toe twisting, belly stomps, mounted face slaps, several knees to the crotch while being pinned down, and finally a forearm choke that sends the blond into unconsciousness. Poor Becca!

Not quite a Becca squash, but it’s close. Becca does have some control early in this fight, but due to some stomping of the toes of Becca, Maryjane walks away victorious. I can’t tell you the last time I saw someone use that old school, stomp on the feet trick to take control of the match. It definitely had me laughing, such a cheap and dirty trick, but I love it. The rest of the match works out as well as can be expected from FWR. Maryjane is great on both side of the battle, although she’s not losing for very long. Becca is, as always, flawless. I love the chatter between the girls, they both seem pretty good at trash talking and never seemed like too much taking. I love when Becca gets back her feet and even though she’s a little dizzy, she puts her dukes up, asking for more. I think the outfits are great, not too often we get jeans, so it really nice to see jeans and jean shorts. It’s a great fight overall, the dirty tactics, the low blows and all the punches gives this a nice street fighting feel and Becca loses in the end, which is a win for everyone.

Overall Score: 9.5/10