Review of Fight or Flight

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Review of Cali’s Fight ClubFight or Flight – 11 mins

Cali just got home from work on her 16-hour flight. Cali’s friend calls her and asks her to babysit her daughter that is in college. Cali tries to decline but she can’t so she heads right over in her work uniform. As she walks in Indica is not happy to see her and Cali feels the same way. Indica’s mother is tired of her throwing parties every time she leaves so that’s why Cali is there. Indica decides to make Cali go to sleep, then tries to find out where she is going to put Cali. Indica strips Cali of her uniform leaving her in her bra and panties and pantyhose. Indica tries to roll Cali up in the rug, but it is way too small to hide Cali anywhere before her friends get there. Indica dumps Cali’s suitcase and tries to put her into it, only for that to be too small as well. Cali wakes up and tries to figure out what Indica is doing before she gets put into another sleeper hold. Cali not realizing she wouldn’t be waking up this time. Indica freaks out and gets Cali’s clothes back onto her. Indica decides she is going to put Cali back in her car and act like she never made it.

Another “stuff limp Cali into containers” vid, like I promised you guys. This one is pretty different though, with a different storyline, some stripping, one KO and one accidental neck snap, a limp re-dressing and Cali doesn’t really come to close to fitting in any of the things Indica was trying to stuff her in. I still love the attempt of putting Cali in a bag or a suitcase. I especially love the way Cali’s limp body unfolds from the attempted suit case stuffing. This really is a great new way (new to me at least) to do limp play videos. I’ll actively be looking for more vids where limp ladies get stuffed, or attempted to be stuffed in containers. Also like the Skye video, it was great to have Indica doing all the heavy lifting, she looks great in this video and definitely adds to the overall sexiness. I also enjoyed the stripping and re-dressing parts. I would have liked to see the shoes get put back on, and/or perhaps a more challenging outfit to take off and put back on a limp body, like jeans, so Indica would really have so shake limp Cali around to get them on and off, but this was still great and very sexy to watch. Always great to see Cali KO’d and played with.

Overall Score: 9.5/10