Review of FETCON FEMBOTS: volume two

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldFETCON FEMBOTS: volume two – 25 Mins

kaylaThe lovely KAYLA LAEL stars as a fembot SK creates as a personal bodyguard, but he FIRST has to see how she does against his own attacks!  Mostly shot from a POV angle, this amazing clip features the lovely Kayla doing what she does best: delivering astounding KO performances as her master shapes her up via a ton of knockouts and finishing moves.  In the end, we see the lovely Caroline Pierce make a cameo as a kidnapped human subject that fembot Kayla quickly destroys, much to her master’s satisfaction!

The best thing about Kayla, is that she sells over the top naturally. Every time we get lucky enough to get a new Kayla video, she always sells in her wild and frantic way and it’s always amazing. We get that same amazing selling here as Kayla gives us a ton of great KOs. We get amazing reactions, tongue protrusion, eyerolling even a little twitching, great KO positions, lots of great KO techniques and it all looks so great in the fan favorite sliver one piece. There’s also plenty of foot views as well. Then in a new and different twist for this series, we get to see the Kayla fembot in action as she is setup the take out the captured Caroline Pierce, which she does with ease. It is a nice added feature, because we never get to see the fembots in action and added a few great KOs too. This is another great addition to these series and an easy pick for all us Kayla Lael fans.

Overall Score: 9.5/10