Review of FETCON FEMBOTS: volume one

Review of Sleeperkid’s World FETCON FEMBOTS: volume one – 22 Mins

FetconFilmed at FetishCon 2016 and featuring Catherine Foxx and Indica in their first SKWPPV.COM clip…and the beautiful Tracy Jordan!!! We fade in on three fembots that SK has designed to act as his bodyguards, but first he’s gotta see just how good they are dispensing attacks, and absorbing them as well!  What follows is several small battles, each one ending with 2-3 of the beautiful fembots unconscious and destroyed on the ground!  A final sleeping gas contest leads to all THREE bots piled up on the ground as SK examines their unconscious bodies.  Satisfied, he leaves them to rest as the camera fades to black!

Got some big names in this one, with the return of Tracy Jordan and bringing in Catherine Foxx, who I know a little bit and Indica, who I didn’t know at all, but certainly do now. The selling in this by all three ladies is absolutely outstanding. Tracy, if you ever seen her perform before, you know her eye crossing and rolling is amazing and she gives us plenty of tongue protrusion as well. Catherine was amazing, hanging her tongue really far and doing some great eye crossing too. Indica did a great job as well with both tongue protrusion and eye rolling. As always with these sentry style vids, there are a ton of KOs jammed into this vid and all the reactions are over the top and silly. The girls all take turns attacking and being attacked, but the in the finale the girls all get sprayed with sleepy spray and they end up in this dizzy, silly battle to escape the ends in a great body pile. An awesome vid with some really awesome girls doing lots of silly over the top KOs for us.

Overall Score: 9.5/10