Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldFAVORITE FINISHERS 2 – 25 mins   

SKW legend Sumiko introduces newcomer Kat Van Wilder, both decked out in sexy, tiny micro bikinis, debuting thongs for SKW.  They excitedly explain their love of action horror films and want to do their own set of brutal action fights.  Prepped with weapons, including snakes, the contest begins.  Sumiko starts off with some belly punches, only to get decked to the ground by Kat, her head slammed into the mat over and over.  Sumiko reverses and puts Kat into an eye-rolling Sleeper Hold, and after a few moments, snaps Kat’s neck to pick up her first win, complete with victory pose.  Kat retaliates with a series of belly punches and leg lifts in Round 2, hitting Sumiko with a wicked throat punch, dropping the wily veteran to the ground spasming, and then putting her out of her misery with her own brutal throat snap.  As Sumiko lies still on the ground, Kat takes her first victory, posing over her the girls trade back and forth, subjecting each other to Neck Scissors, Neck stomps, Figure Four Neck Scissors and brutal neck snaps and more in this action packed contest.

Thongs in SKW is something that I think I was overdue, it’s not really a game changer, but it definitely one of the things other production companies did have over him. So yay to that decision. Then we have the introduction to Kat Van Wilder, or at least my introduction to her and I can tell you from this point it is a shame that she isn’t local and I will definitely have to look to see if she’s done everything interesting in the past, because this girl can sell it, and it is clear this isn’t her first time. Co-starring with Sumiko isn’t always the easiest thing, as Sumiko tends to steal the spotlight, but I think this time the spotlight was shared and both Kat and Sumiko really put on quite a show for us. The myriad of scenes and demises lead to a well-paced video with very little down time, that is after the intro of the thongs, Kat, the fact that SK was steaming to us fans at time of recording and then the video itself. After all that the action is nonstop and incredibly entertaining. The multi-scene video also gives the opportunity for different levels of OTT action. Some scenes are pretty normal with very little OTT action while others have all the OTT stuff I love, with twitching, drooling and over exaggerated reactions. In the end this is kind of like a sentry girls video and a barrel and the blade video had a baby. Also, a big thumbs up to thongs at SKW, Kat Van Wilder and of course the fan fav, Sumiko, together makes this video one not to miss.

Overall Score: 9.5/10