Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldFAR BEYOND DRIVEN 55 – 15 mins

We fade in to Kim Chi and Madison both bantering about how appalling SK’s behavior is…he’s constantly sneaking up on girls and doing despicable things! Unfortunately for them, they’re oblivious to the fact it’s happening to them as they speak. As SK creeps up behind them, the girls announce their intentions to have a pile driver’s only match against him since they’ve been training ‘his tactics’ for weeks. SK reaches his destination and delivers a double low blow punch to the girls, driving them to their knees. With a maniacal laugh, the Kid begins his torment of the two girls. Ever the gentleman, he keeps it to their rules: PILE. DRIVERS. ONLY. Kim Chi and Madison are driven over and over again, being both knocked out cold and twitching like crazy, being humiliated by SK in the process. SK is relentless in his pursuit for pile drivers, utilizing several different methods to apply the devastating tactic. To add insult to injury, he manipulates and piles up their bodies and taunts at them as he’s applying the hold to their dazed, weak bodies. He even manages to have them double cross one another in the hopes they’ll be allowed to leave without further damage done…they really should’ve known better. Sleeperkid wraps it up with an over the shoulder tombstone pile driver that slams Madison straight into the crotch of Kim Chi. Both of the ladies are out cold in a pile when he’s done with them. But, hey. That’s just how he likes ‘em.

FWR’s beloved Madison Swan and her friend Kim Chi have made their way to SKW and although they didn’t spend nearly as much time at SKW as it deserves or were the fans notified about their visit. I imagine that’s because SK knew he wouldn’t have time for the amount of customs Madison and Kim would receive, but nonetheless we still got at least one amazing video from their short visit. This is an excellent 1 on 2 handicapped, piledrivers only video where SK shows his guest the majority of the piledrivers in his arsenal. Of course you know that I feel two jobber are better than one, but the big thing that makes this one so excellent is really Madison. She twitches like crazy, from the first piledriver until the very end if the match. I maybe the person only to request Madison to do twitching at FWR and she’s always done a great job with it, but she’s never twitched like this. You guys know how much I love twitching and as soon as I saw Madison start, I was instantly in love with this video. Kim did some twitching too, but nothing like Madison was. I don’t want this to seem like a knock against Kim, I don’t really know her, aside from the FWR vid where she kicked Madison’s butt recently, but I love twitching, so Madison completely stole the show in my opinion. Also, the outfits were another great thing about this video. I love converse boots and knee pads and I love the two piece Realise suits, even when they have to tops on backwards, like they did here. Those outfits are so good, even have thing zippers on the front and the logos on the back, they still look great. I know I can’t ask for piledrivers at FWR, for good reason, but now I seriously can’t wait to order another custom from FWR, I need Madison to do more selling like this. And maybe one day Madison will visit SKW again and stay a while, I’m sure fans of Velvets Fantasies would love to see Madison in one of her videos as well.

Overall score 9.9/10