Review of Sleeperkid’s World FAR BEYOND DRIVEN 51 – 13 mins

Fans of the Far Beyond Driven series, this video could very well count as Christmas and your birthday combined, then multiplied by 100!!!  Not only do we have the absolutely phenomenal MERICA STRONG and SAPPHIRE as our heels; Not only do we have the “jobbers extraordinaire” ANNE MARIE and SUMIKO as our poor poor victims; but we have all of this action taking place in the SKW ring!!! We fade in with Anne Marie and Sumiko already out cold and stacked on top of each by Merica as Sapphire counts out the double pin. Oddly enough, Merica says she is disappointed by her win because she really wanted to pile drive both of her bikini clad victims, but didn’t know how.  Always willing to help a fellow heel (and destroy a jobber), Sapphire is more than willing to give Merica a lesson in the finer points of piledrivers. What follows is an absolute MASSACRE consisting of EIGHTEEN piledrivers that see Sumiko and Anne Marie’s scream and pleas for mercy falling on deaf ears as they are reduced to nothing but a twitching pile of unconscious jobber flesh over and over again as Merica becomes a true expert in both traditional and tombstone piledrivers under Sapphire’s expert tutelage (including more than one occasion of simultaneous piledrivers from both heels) With both Anne Marie and Sumiko utterly destroyed, things seem to be coming to a close but there is one little problem.  Two heels of this caliber can’t coexist in one ring for long and when Sapphire makes the mistake of telling Merica she isn’t ready to learn her special “Killer Driller” piledriver, Merica decides to show Sapphire just want a fast learner she actually is!  Merica is left standing all over a pile of three SKW favorites as she strikes a victory pose. YOUR WINNER: MERICA STRONG!!!

SK is not wrong about this one, as much as I hate to say it, but this is a pretty freaking special piledriver video. Not only do we get “jobbers extraordinaire” Anne-Marie and Sumiko, best two in the business, in my opinion, but also everyone’s favorite heel and SKW champ, Sapphire and new personal favorite female heel, Merica Strong. It’s also shot in the ring, which is a treat only for anyone who tires of the mat room (not me). What we get when you mix all that together and a far beyond driven match for the ages. First of all, I love that this kicks off at the end of what I could only imagine was a brutal one sided beatdown, where Merica just mops the floor with Sumiko and Anne while Sapphire talks trash in the background. So, Anne and Sumiko were already beaten and out of it, helpless to stop the piledriver lessons. Next, I love the silver bikinis with boots and knee pads, a personal favorite outfit choice. And of course, I got love all those piledrivers, with Merica and Sapphire taking turns, first with Sumiko as the practice dummy, then Anne, then both, great stuff. Finally Merica joins the short list of people what have piledriven Sapphire, I think its just SK, Baunfire, Sumiko and now Merica, that’s it. I guess that’s another thing that makes this one special, that and a great 3 girl body pile to top things off. Definitely one you don’t want to miss.

Overall Score: 9.5/10