Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldFAR BEYOND DRIVEN 46 – 16 Mins

batStarring EVANGELINE VON WINTER as BATGIRL!!! We fade in on a kidnapped Batgirl, unconscious and slowly coming to in an underground fight chamber.  Turns out THE COLLECTOR had her taken there for a fun day of domination at the hands of THE MACHINE.  A confused Batgirl can barely stand before the masked bastard attacks, nailing her in the stomach with a brutal punch and knocking her out cold with the dreaded PILEDRIVER! The destruction continues as an evil female voice narrates, with Batgirl getting de-masked and destroyed even further via a barrage of piledriver KOs and a few other tactics.  It’s the piledrivers that rule the day, however, as Batgirl is reduced to a sleeping heap on the mats.  A final pin from The Machine ends it moments before he over the shoulder carries the unconscious superheroine to her new holding cell!

Normally I am the first one to start complaining about full body suits, I’m not really a fan, I need a little skin in my videos, but in this case, it didn’t really bother me. The simple fact is, the repetitive piledriving of a helpless Batgirl at the hands of the ruthless Machine, while the evil Jacquelyn Velvets cackles with joy from behind the camera, is just too good a combination for me to complain about a body suit. Plus, I believe the bright yellow boots also help. There’s also a ton of pins, and a few sleepers mixed in as well. It is the best way, in my opinion, to do these far beyond driven matches. I think Eve does a great job selling for the sleepers, and even gives us a little twitching as the piledrivers add up. For you superheroine guys, she does get unmasked, de-capped and her gloves are taken off early in the vid, but lucky for me the boots stick around for the whole vid. This is an easily enjoyable superheroine destruction and a very good job by the legendary Evangeline Von Winter.

Overall Score: 9/10