Review of FAN SERVICE: episode two

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldFAN SERVICE: episode two – 21 Mins

ALL MOVES TAKEN FROM ACTUAL FAN SUGGESTIONS ONLINE!!! We fade in on the stunning Sarah Brooke (making her SKW debut), staring at a list of suggested moves SKW’s fans submitted online, all designed to be used by The Machine on HER!   She is furious and lets the camera know how disappointed she is… all while the masked maniac himself creeps up and attacks with a VICIOUS sleeper hold KO!!!  What follows is a one-sided squash. With finishers chosen by YOU, the fans… featuring The Machine executing each tactic flawlessly on the devastated and beautiful Sarah Brooke as he reads them off one by one!

It’s about time we got the pleasure of having Sarah Brooke at SKW. I found Sarah over a year ago with Ashley Wildcat and many other places, and thought how good it would be to have her at SKW, I might have even said so in a review. Well that day is upon us and it’s an awesome one, with another fan supported, Fan Service video. I mentioned before what a great idea this was, to pick the move list from the fans and again it really worked well. Sarah is put through quite a wide array of moves, submission, power moves, weapons, you name it, and she sold it all really well. I still love The Machine reading off the next move while perched on top of her unconscious body, even tried to get her to read off some, but she was too dizzy to make any of it out. It’s not over the top or too silly but more old school pro style with a ton of KOs. Again, I’m so happy that Sarah finally got to visit SKW and after this I really hope she gets the chance to come back soon. She’s a hell of a talent and did a marvelous job jobbing in this clip.

Overall Score: 9.5/10