Review of FAN SERVICE: episode one

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldFAN SERVICE: episode one – 22 Mins

On January 5th, 2017: Sleeperkid posted the following message on his Facebook page: “Fans: I need your help. You see, The Machine is gonna challenge Hannah Perez to a match in less than two hours, but he can’t seem to decide what moves he wants to destroy her with. Needless to say, Hannah’s pretty sure she’s got this one in the bag, but our loveable masked maniac asked me to ask YOU to list the finishing tactics and wear down holds you’d like to see HIM take the lovely Latina down with!! As of this post: you have 1 hour and 58 minutes to reply.… GO!!!!!” SKW fans responded immediately, posting their favorite finishers and holds… much to Hannah’s dismay.  We fade in on her reading the email angrily, chastising the fans for wanting to see her lose… all while The Machine slowly walks up behind her, takes a look at the list… and attacks! For the first time ever, the FANS choose a wrestler’s demise… and it’s a doozy.  Hannah doesn’t stand a chance against the masked maniac, who takes her down and out in between peeks at the fans’ list!  A final (and brutal) THROATLIFT POWERBOMB ends it for Hannah, who becomes yet another one of The Machine’s victims!

I got to hand it to SK, making that post was a fantastic idea and the fans respond very well, leaving comments by the dozens. Of course you know yours truly was a part of that madness as well. I assumed that SK was just going to take a selection of the moves and just put them together in a normal Hannah vs The Machine type match, but instead he used it as a set up for this squash match, having Hannah read the post and some of the comments before kicking the match off, genius. Now, overall it is just a Hannah vs The Machine squash vid, but having the paper with the comments and reading the next move off while perched over the unconscious Hannah was just great. Hannah, in my opinion, has never looked better and she delivers a performance for the ages, giving us tons of excellent reactions, a little bit it of over the top selling and just looking fantastic doing it. Another thing worth noting, this video has the added “episode one” added to the title, meaning SK is hopefully and rightfully so planning to do something like this again and why not, this could be a set up for almost any match, maybe some poor jobber vs Tiny, or The Machine again, Takaiji, even SK himself could use this in one of his matches. Either way, this was an awesome idea that made an awesome video, starting the awesome Hannah Perez and I’m sure episode two will be… awesome.

Overall Score: 10/10