Review of Family Affair: Peyton Gets Destroyed

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFamily Affair: Peyton Gets Destroyed – 11 mins

We love it when fans enjoy a custom video so much that they order their own custom based on it. In the “Family Affairs” series we follow the antics of Peyton and her older brother as they fight each other in the ring with Peyton always coming out on top and humiliating you (her brother). In this video you’re hired a man with some special powers to fight your sister. When the new guy (played by you) challenges Peyton she laughs and happily accepts your challenge. Her smile is quickly wiped off her face as you TOTALLY dominate her with several hard punches and corner work. Peyton is suddenly shocked to find that you have special mind-control powers and she’s forced to apply a sleeper hold to herself and go unconscious! The rest of this match is filled with poor Peyton being trapped in wrestling holds while hitting herself or smashing her own head into the mat! At the brunette beauty’s request to finish her off you use your mind control to force her to raise her arm while you smash her with a heart punch! Her eyes go wide and she crumbles to the mat where you pin her with a matchbook pin. We don’t think Peyton will be humiliating her brother any time soon … or WILL she?

I love it when people come up with fun and interesting ways for the beauties at FWR to be defeated. This one may have seemed like a nice POV video where you beatdown poor Peyton, but really, this is a handicapped match. Thanks to the special powers you have, Peyton has ends up take on you and herself, as your powers command her to kick her own ass, while you do as well. Of course, Peyton and Rick work together flawless and make this whole crazy thing work very well. I always say that FWR makes the best POV vids and I have to stand by that comment again with this video. Boxing with one hand, while holding a camera is one thing, but wrestling with one hand while holding a camera and still somehow keep Peyton in frame and finding the best possible angles, is another thing. Rick manages to get close ups of Peyton’s reaction, full body shots and even shots of her feet, for those of you that are into that, and does it all smoothly. So not only is this a fun, one sided, POV beatdown, of the lovely Peyton, with some added super powers, but I definitely have to tip my hat to our humble FWR producer for kicking her ass, with one hand and camera and never missing the shot.  

Overall Score: 9.5/10