Review of FALLS FROM GRACE: part one

Review of Sleeperkid’s World FALLS FROM GRACE: part one – 23 mins

We fade in on the stunning JORDYNNE GRACE stretching in the SKW mat room when an over-excited Galas enters and starts telling the pro what a HUGE fan she is, and how she would make an amazing tag partner.  Jordynne is visibly annoyed and tells Galas she doesn’t need a tag partner, but the wannabe pro continues to pester her… until Diva Diamond walks in and very RUDELY tells both ladies to leave HER room, as she rented it from SK for a workout.  Jordynne and Galas exchange looks as the pro star changes her mind and decides she DOES want to train Galas… with Diva as their practice dummy!   What follows is an amazing 2 vs 1 destruction… one that ends with not one but TWO ladies out cold on the mats!   Diva gets ROCKED by Jordynne and Galas… with the latter finding out that Jordynne ALWAYS works alone after the beatdown is complete! Twist ending:  as Galas celebrates, Jordynne tells her she works alone as she attacks with a sudden sleeper hold!  Galas is knocked out, but Jordynne delivers a TOMBSTONE piledriver that lands Galas on TOP of the out cold Diva!!!  Jordynne goes for her final pin… and victory pose on the twitching body pile as we fade to black!

It’s so good to see Galas back in SKW, it been too long since she’s been a video, it great to see her even though she was tag teaming with Jordynne for the majority of the video. Diva Diamond, who’s only been in a few videos so far continues to be an impressive seller and getting better. It’s quite a beatdown she takes too as Jordynne and Galas take turns performing moves on her, which most end in KO and it doesn’t take long before she’s exhausted and defenseless. Jordynne continues to be one or the top heels at SKW, her strength and repertoire make her so much fun to watch because you never know when she’s going to pull out another new and flashy move like she did near the end of this one. The best part of this for me was at the very end, when Jordynne unsurprisingly turns on Galas. Galas is one hell of a jobber and it would have been a shame for her to come back to SKW and not get KO’d at least once. And Jordynne’s treason leaves us with a great twitchy body pile for the final scene, which of course I loved. So overall it’s a fun 2 on 1 squash that ends in glorious treachery.

Overall Score: 9.5/10