Review of Fainting Audition – Kerri Taylor

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Review of Helpless and UnawareFainting Audition – Kerri Taylor – 9 Mins

faintKerri Taylor is an actress at a casting call for the “Manipulated Fainting Girl 1” in a big movie production. She wants the audition to go well, so she complies with every request from the casting director. He asks her to first faint for him from a standing position. She does an awesome job, with great eye-fluttering on her way down! She allows the casting director to touch her breasts and legs while she lays limp. He then asks Kerri to faint again from a sitting position, making sure to have her legs spread to provide some great upskirt views. When she is lying there, she allows her limp limbs to be manipulated. The casting director rouses her and compliments her fainting abilities. He wants to test her compliance and warns her that when she faints again, he’s going to manipulate her limp body even more! Kerri faints again, from a standing position, rolling her eyes and dropping to the sofa with her legs splayed. The casting director enjoys the view of her motionless body and then exposes her breasts before stepping back to enjoy the view. Kerri gets up on cue, and he is full of compliments. One wonders if he likes her fainting abilities or if he is taking advantage of her compliance with everything he does? He insists that she give him one more faint from a sitting position. Kerri’s head wobbles, her eyes roll and she falls back with her legs spread wide. The casting director gets a last look up her skirt, gropes her breasts and feels her legs. He must be thinking he has the greatest job ever…

Here is a very good and unique scenario for you sleepy limp play guys. Kerri Taylor, who I hope most of you know, I feel like she’s pretty well know… Anyway, this is a scenario I haven’t seen before and it works really well. It’s almost like a behind the scenes type of vid where the director is seeing how good a potential new talent looks and acts. So, we see Keri pretend to faint a couple times, she gives us some nice eyerolling as she topples over, and she falls with her legs spread out for some nice upskirts. Then the director checks her out, feels her up, exposes her breast, plays with her limbs and he really seems to be enjoying himself, can’t blame him there. Kerri didn’t have too much selling to do, but for what there was, it was great and she looks amazing, the POV of this vid gives us plenty of great close ups. It’s a very nice clip, pretty simple, but has all the limp play stuff I like to see.

Overall Score: 8.5/10