Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldEXITS TO EDEN – 18 mins

It seems that the beautiful EDEN has decided to challenge SLEEPERKID to a very unique match up.  In order to score a point you not only have to KO your opponent, but also drag their body around the mat, with the most points within the time limit getting the win.  Eden also seems to be in a bit of a mood today, cutting off SK when he introduces her and letting him know she hates being called “Lovely”. Time has shown that having an attitude when going up against the Kid is generally not a good way to start things and as this match begins and the two lock up, SK reminds Eden why as he quickly trips her up and locks on an excruciating Figure Four Leg Lock!  Not a lot of people realize that when forced to endure incredible amounts of pain, the body will simply reach a threshold where your conscious mind can take no more and you will pass out due to the pain itself.  SK is kind enough to explain this to Eden as she thrashes and screams in pain, unable to counter the hold. Despite her best efforts, she can take no more and those LOVELY eyes close as she drifts away.  SK takes a moment to check those arms and legs, letting them drop to the mat and ensure he has a solid KO before taking her by the feet and dragging her around the mats to secure his point. This first falls sets the tone of the entire match as Eden is repeatedly subjected to brutal submissions that alternately have her screaming helplessly in pain and then falling prey to the sweet solace of sleep as her body can take no more.  Three more times poor Eden is subjected to the gauntlet of SK’s submission arsenal (specifically a Boston Crab, Texas Cloverleaf, and a Sharpshooter transitioning into Single Leg Boston Crab) and three more times she fades away only to face the humiliation of her limp body being dragged across the mats as SK racks up point after point. Each time the Kid makes sure to check those limbs and ensure Eden is well and truly out. By this point Eden has been decimated and as SK applies the final submission hold, a devastating ankle lock, her screams and struggles have waned from the ordeal she has been put through. Once again the pain becomes too much to bear and she passes out for the final time with the Kid securing his victory with a ten count pin! Despite the nasty attitude displayed by Eden as the match began, you can’t say Sleeperkid isn’t the forgiving type.  No, with his LOVELY opponent a limp ragdoll on the mat, he is nice enough to slowly drag her away so that she can sleep off the beating she just took. YOUR WINNER: SLEEPERKID!!!

Another beautiful one sided mixed match for SKW, this time Eden falls to the kid himself, but with some unique elements. Every time SK KOs Eden he takes a few moments to drag the limp body of Eden around the mat room. Definitely something a little different, but a very cool thing see. Eden is put in several submission holds and after some great struggling she passes out from the pain, every time. that’s another really cool thing about this one. No normal KO moves, just pain KOs. There’s also plenty limp play after the KOs. Of course Eden sales fantastic, she is definitely an amazing jobber and this fun and unique video really puts her skills on display again. I really love Eden, she got an outstanding look and great selling skills. This is a really great performance from her, but I am still looking for that crazy over the top video that I know she’ll be amazing at. Hopefully we will see something like that with her soon.

Overall score: 9.5/10