Review of EXHAUSTION: episode 9

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldEXHAUSTION: episode 9 – 59 mins

You may have thought there was no way to top the absolutely incredible EXHAUSTION 8.  Fans, you would be wrong!  This entry ranks not only at the top of the EXHAUSTION series but as one of the best ever seen at SKW PERIOD! We start this battle in progress with Sumiko already trying to finish off Anne-Marie with a reverse throat straddle choke. As she finally secures the ten count pin and passes out herself from sheer exhaustion, we hear SK relate that they’ve already been at it for THREE HOURS! The two hypnotized combatants are forced to keep fighting all over the entire house! As we’ve seen in the past, they find themselves waking up in new attire but we get a new spin as this time our ladies wake up in color coordinated outfits and MMA gloves! Then it’s an epic bedroom battle but these two aren’t ready to be tucked in yet! By the time you would think they can’t take anymore, the finale comes in an epic shower fight DOUBLE KO! Anne-Marie and Sumiko provide utterly stellar performances that are beyond compare and among the best of their storied careers!  There is no doubt you are going to LOVE this match!

This one definitely tops any other exhaustion video to date, but what would you expect when you give such a task the two of the very best SKW has to offer? I also agree that is it is one of the best videos SKW has ever done, obviously I can’t call it the very best, because of my extreme bias for my own customs. Nonetheless, Sumiko and Anne-Marie didn’t become fan favorites for no reason. They both give us the premium standard of selling we are accustomed to seeing for them, maybe even a little better than you might expect. This is also the longest exhaustion video to date. Now, if you guys read all, or most of my reviews, you might have seen a recent review of a video where I complained it was too long for that style of video. That is definitely not the case for this video, there is so much going on in this vid, with outfit changes, fight style changes, change in fight location, tons of overkill attacks, and of course overkill reactions. There not really any story to it, except for the moment were SK explains Anne and Sumiko are hypnotized to keep fighting, which also explains why the outfits keep changing. There also plenty of nice exhausted trash talking. I think I could watch Anne and Sumiko perform in a video like this for 2 hours. Also this is the first exhaustion video where the girls wear boots and knee pads, at least for half of the video, might not be the biggest detail, but definitely something that I am very happy to see. The final shower scene is probably the sexiest thing SKW does, it’s always a treat to see it. With two of SKW’s very best, in an over the top, exhausted, sexy KO fest there’s nothing not to love about this outstanding video.

Overall Score: 10/10