Review of EXHAUSTION: episode 8

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldEXHAUSTION: episode 8 – 56 Mins

AnneThis epic 50+ minute battle is one for the books… as Miriya and Anne-Marie deliver a pair of astounding performances!  This entry in the Exhaustion saga starts off a bit differently, with Anne and Miriya appearing as tag team partners that are hypnotized by SK… and forced to do battle for hours and hours, every once in a while waking up in different attire… and even armed with boxing gloves before taking the battle all over the house, ending it all with an epic shower fight finale! This is one of the best EXHUASTION battles we’ve ever produced, and we guarantee you’re gonna love it!

I don’t even know where to start with this one so many good things to say about it. The fact that it’s 56 mins long, is crazy, the fact that those 56 mins fly by, I would have sworn it was only 30, or that this is Anne’s first ever exhaustion vid. That’s what I can’t believe, how did it take this long for us to get Anne-Marie in an exhaustion vid? You think it’s a coincidence that Anne’s first exhaustion turns out to be arguable the best one yet? I don’t. Also, Miriya is in top shape too and really brought her best over the top selling to this one. So, Anne and Miriya both perform excellently, lots of great over the top reactions, tongue protruding, eyes bulging and crossing, crazy twitching and of course, being really exhausted the whole time. This vid gives us as much variety as possible too, changing outfits, fighting all over the house, overkill attacks, some boxing action, fighting in the shower, double KOs, body pile, great KO poses, anything that could fit into this style of vid is here. Like everything that happened in this vid is just excellent. I think, I could go into detail and rant all day about how awesome this vid is, but I’d rather quit talking/writing about it and go watch this epic video again.

Overall Score: 10/10