Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldEXHAUSTION: EPISODE 10 – 65 mins

The TENTH episode in this amazing series…featuring an epic ELIZA/MIRIYA reunion and over 60 minutes of “Exhaustion” action!!! We fade in on Eliza and Miriya re-uniting happily after years of not seeing each other.  Not only are they no longer rivals…they’ve decided to become a tag team.  SK realizes how bad this is for business and sprays both ladies with a hypnotic gas that puts them under his control.  He forces them to compete…yet again…in an epic and non-stop “exhaustion” battle moments after making them fall into a deep, hypnotic sleep. What follows is an astounding set of performances that make their way through the entire SKW compound, culminating in a shower battle that’ll become an instant classic with any and all fans of over the top combat!!!!

It’s moments like this that I remember most that I can never predict the future, I mean, who, in what world, could have ever predicted Eliza to grace the SKW mats again and better yet, basically do a re-do of the match that started this incredible series off. It absolutely mind blowing. There might be a little bit more of Eliza then I remember and I miss that crazy, very long hair she had, but I’m still very happy to see her and even more excited to say, she’s still got it. Eliza was always an excellent jobber and it is clear that she still is. No better way to prove it that an hour plus exhaustion video. Even with all the excitement about Eliza coming back and re-doing the original exhaustion video, she didn’t do either of those vids by herself and we can’t forget to give Miriya all the credit she deserves as well for being flat out amazing as well. I couldn’t help but be a little more focused on Eliza during this vid, but Miriya also brought her A game, which I’m pretty sure is the only game she’s got, delivering another flawless performance. The battle goes much like the Sumiko and Anne-Marie one did, with outfit changes, lots of slow drawn out, over the top and over dramatic action the travels through the house and ending in the shower. Aside for the obvious show scene being the best part, I think the boxing section is my second favorite part. As awesome as it is to see Eliza again, this better not be a one and done type of thing, I hope to see her in more over the top ridiculousness soon.   

Overall Score: 9.5/10