Review of Exhausted Fighters

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsExhausted Fighters – 10.5 mins

As the opening title page fades into the studio we hear a punch sound as Amber comes flying through the curtain followed by Scarlett. Both beauties are dressed in leotards, fishnets, and high heel boots and have obviously been fighting for a long time. Both girls are panting heavily as their fists go up and the punches fly. They both get equal advantages in the early minutes of the fight but it’s obvious that one beauty is taking more punches and growing weaker. Her sobs and moans from being punched fill the room. The girls end up on the carpet where one unsuccessfully tries to pin the other. They then end up in a double reverse head scissors and a final knee to knee punchout. One girl finally sobs “I give up! Stop hitting me!” A final uppercut and ten count pin ends this contest as the victor is too exhausted to stand over her foe and simply crawls over to the wall to sit recover.

Let me just start with how awesome it is to get outfits like this for a video like this one. I’m not going to lie, as soon as I saw these outfit on the FWR’s Facebook & Twitter I was sure that it was going to be a POV vid, as those vids always get the best outfits, so I was pleasantly surprised when the video was released and it turned out to be this video. As far as exhaustions vids go, if you’re thinking the SKW type, this is not that. What we get here is the end of a long and heated fist fight. I always love any vid with some good exhaustion included in the battle, even it’s not over the top or ridiculous, like I would ask for it to be. I think that exhaustion vids have got to be some of the hardest vids to perform in, because they ways have to remember to sell the exhaustion and I can imagine how easy it would be to forget to. Amber and Scarlett did very well selling all of this, looking great the whole time. So this was a pretty great fight for me to watch and I love to see FWR do a video like this, but there were a few things missing that made it feel a bit off, well one thing really and that is dialog. I found myself looking for some dialog to add a little bit of story to this vid, or at least telling why they were fight, maybe how long they’ve been fighting and just some general trash talk would have been nice. But most importantly, I love the exhaustion, love that this I was a fist fight mainly with a little wrestling mixed in and love these outfits, both ladies look amazing. I can only hope that we get to see more exhaustion fights from FWR soon.

Overall Score: 9/10