Review of Erika Boxing Naughty SchoolGirl Boxing Defeat

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Review of Hit the Mat Erika Boxing Naughty SchoolGirl Boxing Defeat – 8 Mins

ErikaWe come back to the topless Erika gloating over your defeat and continuing to throw punches while you are down, but it seems she’s tired out. You finally make it to your feet and begin beating Erika back in to the corner. Now it’s payback time! Your punches rain down all over Erika’s stunned face, hard body, perky boobs and even her crotch! Watching Erika go from fierce, determined eyes to stunned, desperate and eventually knocked out closed is a sight to behold!

Some nice action here in this quick video from HTM. It’s a continuation from a video where Erika KO’d you, so you start out dazed and on the mats. Erika is really cocky and pulls a few cheap punches, but you battle back and soon she’s the one in big trouble. I really love Erika in this one, love how mean and tough she looked at first, but after a couple of big punches have her reeling and she gets knocked down a few times, her punch drunk state is great to watch as she struggles to fight back and stay upright. The POV of this vid really show off her great reactions and her amazing body, with nice close ups of her face and abs. We also get a great complete KO at the end with Erika completely lights out. This vid is a little on the short side, but is definitely not short on action.

Overall Score: 8.5/10