Review of Ericka vs Kat: Grudge Match

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsEricka vs Kat: Grudge Match – 11.5 Mins

Kat requested a submissions only match against Ericka because the visiting beauty recently played dirty in a fight against Kat’s friend. Kat vowed to get even but Ericka had different plans and attacked early, taking Kat down with a sucker punch to the belly. Ericka gains three submissions from a camel clutch, an abdominal stretch, and a tight figure four leg lock. But Ericka stopped to taunt Kat and gave her a chance to recover. Kat tripped Ericka to the mat and jumped her! A camel clutch, an impressive Mexican ceiling hold, an Indian death lock, and a final figure four leg lock had poor Ericka screaming in pain and submission! Our sweet Kat took the victory and her revenge against Ericka.

I’m normally not the biggest fan of the sub only matches, but I have been loving the Ericka videos and this one is truly no different. It’s a simple match with Kat losing the first half after losing control due to a cheap shot, then being made to submit. Than Ericka loses the second half and the match, her selling here is really outstanding, even without any KOs, I enjoyed her reactions and selling very much. I know Ericka is a visitor but I surely hope she comes back really soon and deliver us more great stuff.

Overall Score: 8.5/10