Review of Episode #6: Cheat and Destroy

Review of Combat Fetish Episode #6: Cheat and Destroy – 19.5 Mins

karlieKarlie completely humiliated Annie in their last professional bout. Annie wants revenge SOOO bad, she will do anything to get it–so she challenges Karlie to a “private” fight, no audience, no rounds, just the two of them until one can’t fight any longer. Karlie, confident she can easily defeat Annie, accepts the challenge. Little does Karlie know that Annie has NO intention of fighting fair! She douses her glove with some mysterious knockout chemical, which ends up rendering Karlie completely defenseless during their fight! Soon Karlie is nothing more than Annie’s helpless punching bag, as Annie pounds Karlie’s face, pussy, and breasts! Then, to add insult to injury, Annie rubs her foot all over Karlie’s face, and then even sexually dominates her, bringing the weakened Karlie to orgasm twice!! Total domination and humiliation!!!

A really nice addition here to the Boxing Fantasies side of CombatFetish. This one is plain and simply is a Karlie destruction vid. Karlie shows at the beginning of this match that she is clearly the better boxer, but once Annie uses the chloroform like substance that she put on her glove, Karlie is nothing more than a half conscious punching bag. Annie uses a lot of low blows, some face and body punches to eventually knock Karlie all the way out. Karlie is another one of those girls who are extremely good at selling being punch drunk and helpless, she reacts just enough to show that she feels the blows, but can’t do anything to defend herself. It’s a very very good job on her part. Of course this wouldn’t be a CombatFetish vid without some sexual humiliation, which comes at the very end with Annie rubbing two orgasm out of the beaten Karlie. One while she’s barely conscious and the other after she’s knocked out cold, with her butt in air. I’m also a fan of these outfits with the tights perfectly matching the gloves, looks really nice on both ladies. This is the way I love these vids, 80% fighting 20% humiliation and it’s even better when it’s starring Karlie.

Overall Score: 9.9/10