Review of Enemy Annihilation

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Review of Cali Logan’s Fight ClubEnemy Annihilation – 13 mins

Agent Logan thinks she is meeting with an ally spy to exchange information, but It turns out Kaya Lin was working for the enemy. She delivers a neck chop before the two even meet, then drags Cali inside to strip her down and find the flash drive in question. Piece by piece Kaya removes articles of clothing from Cali’s limp body. Any time the sleepy agent comes to, Kaya delivers another hard chop to send her eyes rolling back in her head where they belong. Once Logan is completely naked, it’s clear that she too had tricks up her sleeve as the device is nowhere to be found. Kaya decides that Cali is a useless spy and does what she has to do to dispose of the problem.

This is another video that shows how simple videos can be amazing. I think this video maybe as simple of an idea as I’ve seen from Cali. Simply put this vid is just repeated neck chop KOs and piece by piece clothing removal, until there’s nothing left, but to annihilate the enemy and it is awesome. I will say, only using neck chops for the KOs is just uncreative, for whoever wrote this script, you could have mixed in some face punches or hitting her over the head with something, which would still be an instant KO and would mix things up a bit. And for my personal taste, I would have removed Cali’s boots last, but of course that one’s just for me. Nonetheless, I love this video, I loved Cali’s outfit, loved watching her get instantly KO’d with a quick little eye roll each time. I loved watching Cali’s limp body slowly get every bit of clothing removed from it. I kind of like having no real dialog at all, I didn’t think it is needed for a vid like this. And the ending was great, in a “well, that escalated quickly” kind of way. Simple and excellent. There is just something so delicious about watching terrible things happen to Cali, I personally can’t get enough.

Overall score: 9.5/10