Review of End of Hitgirl

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Review of Kayla ObeyEnd of Hitgirl – 7 mins

“You’re probably wondering by now, who hired me. Remember that mob boss you were hired to take out, well…he got to me first. This is going to be so fun. I love taking out men like you, who think they’re so powerful. But first, I’m going to tell you a story of my favorite hit…you listening?” *Flashback to Kayla offing one of the many men she’s hit….she lays down on the floor to mock him as the life leaves his eyes* And we’re back to the present. Hitgirl Kayla knows your weakness…that you love sexy bellybuttons. She knows that hers is the hottest little navel and she wants to have some fun teasing you with it before you’re gone. She steps closer, slowly undoing the bottom buttons of her shirt just enough so you can catch a glimpse of her bellybutton before she covers it back up again. She does this a few times. She humiliates you, asking how you can be so pathetic to perv out on her bellybutton, the girl who is going to off you. But it’s your lucky day…she’s going to give you a little belly dance….oh how men would dye to be in your position…oh…wait. She leans in close to give you a final goodbye kiss but is met with a painful surprise…you’ve gotten a hand free from the ties and plunged your nif right into her tender belly. You see the shock on her face as she stumbles backwards, clutching the hilt. She slides down the wall and lands on the floor…begging you to save her, saying she’s sorry. But you just watch…slowly she fades and falls limp, her belly exposed, eyes closed. It seems she got a little too cocky and paid the price.

Another nice Kayla spy demise clip. This one is a half and half kind of vid, as the first half we get a cocky Kayla, who is telling stories and teasing the hell out of you. She does a great job with this, as we’ve all come to expect. She’s a great trash talker and does it in such a cute way. She teases you with her belly in such a great way too, being sexy and cocky at the same time. I love Kayla’s belly, so this teasing was very good for me, but the true highlight is when you finally catch her of guard and plug a knife deep into that beautiful belly of hers. Of course all that cockiness is suddenly gone as she begs for mercy and to be save. It’s always fun to see such a drastic change in character like that. It doesn’t last too long thought as she fairly quickly fades away. As always Kayla sells the hell out of it, being just a little over dramatic, which always works well for vids like this. I liked the cocky Kayla part, but I wish there was a bit more belly stabbing/struggling/pleading and a bit less trash talking. Still a nice clip, something a little different than normal and another really nice outfit to see Kayla in.

Overall Score: 8.5/10