Review of Elizabeth’s Belly Beatdown

Review of DefeatedElizabeth’s Belly Beatdown – 9 mins

Stella and Elizabeth are working out when Elizabeth tries to tell Stella that she needs to work on her abs. Stella doesn’t take Elizabeth’s in put very well and decides to put Elizabeth’s abs to the test. A test that Elizabeth fails miserably. Stella completely dominates Elizabeth with repeated belly punches. The Queen does her best to stay in the fight, getting back to her feet every time she’s knocked down, but eventually The Queen can take no more and finally goes down for the count. Of course Stella rubs in her victory with a nice abs comment to Elizabeth.

Some more Defeated action for you guys and this one is a simple one sided belly beatdown, but when that beatdown is with Stella and Elizabeth, you know you’re going to be in for a great show, no matter who wins. So, simple as can be, Stella only uses belly punches to dominate Elizabeth, but of course Elizabeth sells it fantastically and Stella takes it nice a slow giving lots of time for Elizabeth to sell every punch. I like that Elizabeth was wearing socks to start, it’s not quite sneakers or boots, but it was nice to see something besides always bare feet, even though they got removed not too deep into the video. We get some great shots of Elizabeth bent over in front of the camera clutching her belly, which is beautiful. Most of the time Elizabeth stays on her feet, or get pulled back up for the next punch. Until the end where a final few punches on the ground put Elizabeth out cold for a great tongue out KO. Not much more of this video is sold over the top, of course her reactions are exaggerated, but no twitching or drooling until the very end where Elizabeth twitches a little bit fighting her in coming unconsciousness. Normally I don’t like strictly belly punching vids, but leave it to Stella and Elizabeth to do it in a way that even I can really enjoy.  

Overall Score: 8.5/10