Review of Elizabeth Croft

Review of DefeatedElizabeth Croft – 15 mins

The scene starts with Elizabeth introducing herself as Elizabeth Croft. She then talks about a priceless artifact she has found. Elizabeth is incredibly confident and quite proud of her recent discovery. Suddenly, a nefarious villain enters the scene. The evil girl is grinning, and she plans to steal the artifact that Elizabeth just found. She claims that Elizabeth did a good job at finding that artifact, but her organization wants it, so she’s taking it. Elizabeth isn’t scared, at all. She’s smiling back and quickly assumes a combat stance. “I’ve defeated your organization countless time, I’m not going to waste my time with losers like you. Now leave or I’ll kick your ass!” The evil lady is furious, and attacks Elizabeth heads on, but she’s doesn’t stand a chance against the trained fighter. A punch to belly brings the evil lady to her knees. “I got the treasure I wanted, so I’m leaving. Unless you want to me humiliate you some more time? Maybe I should spend some time kicking your ass, maybe you would like that?” It seems Elizabeth has this battle already won, Elizabeth goes to deliver and devastating blow when suddenly, a message appears on the screen. “The controller battery is too low. Controller disconnected”. Elizabeth looks surprised she’s still moving, but looks like she can’t perform any action. The evil girl notices something is wrong and starts to stand up and then starts to move closer to Elizabeth, ready to defend herself. But Elizabeth can’t attack anymore, she can only stand there, trying to figure out what’s wrong. The evil lady finally understands that Elizabeth is somehow unable to move. The evil lady hits Elizabeth a few times, Elizabeth falls on her knees, over-reacting and looking like she’s about to faint. The evil lady circles around her opponent, and says “Not so arrogant anymore, huh?” The evil lady kicks Elizabeth in the face and KOs her. Elizabeth twitching wildly from the KO, over reacting like crazy. Suddenly Elizabeth’s twitching body fades and she reappears standing up with her fist up, ready to go again. She’s respawned, so her health is full again, but no matter how determined Elizabeth feels, she still can’t move. She tries to attack with punches or kicks, but it’s like she can’t do anything but standing still. Again, the evil lady gains the advantage and assaults Elizabeth, easily causing another KOs with incredibly over the top reactions from Elizabeth. Elizabeth respawns again, dazed and confused, but this time the evil lady is not wasting any time. The evil lady smiles, and starts to remove Elizabeth’s top and bra. More punches result into another KOs. Next respawn, she removes Elizabeth’s shorts and KOs her again. Another respawn, another KO and this time she takes off Elizabeth’s boots and socks. She brings Elizabeth’s socks to her face. “Who’s the bitch being humiliated now, uh? Have a good smell of your stinky feet before this is over, I’m going to dominate you for good, Elizabeth Croft.” Elizabeth struggles and moans, but she can’t escape the humiliation. After she has tasted her own socks, the evil lady smother Elizabeth with her own socks for another KO. But no respawn this time, the evil lady decides it’s time to make her worship the feet of a superior woman. Elizabeth tries to refuse, but in the end she can’t help but to start licking the evil lady toes. She keeps licking as the evil lady laughs. Once she’s tired of being pleased, the evil lady snaps Elizabeth’s neck, leaving her lying still with her eye open and tongue hanging out. She the poses over her defeated foe, proud of her easy victory.

More Defeated acting for you guys and Elizabeth and Defeated has again brought us another crazy awesome vid. This time Elizabeth plays Elizabeth Croft, as you can imagine, she’s a tomb raider, who has found and artifact and it there’s some organization operative out to get her. Oh and the organization operative is new roster member June. Now the fun part is that this is a video game, and the player has forgotten to charge the batteries in their controller. So even though Lady Croft is a much more talented fighter then the agency member, once the controller has dead she finds herself on the receiving end of a beatdown. Best of all Elizabeth doesn’t understand that she’s in a game and can’t figure out why she can’t fight back. Of course June takes full advantage beating the crap of Elizabeth, who respawns over and over only to get KO’d again and when she gets KO’d Elizabeth does some really over the top reactions and twitching before each respawn. Also Elizabeth hair is really blue and that’s really awesome, at least the really grayish blond look she had for a while makes more sense now. Anyway, this is a super awesome idea with some really crazy selling, some great outfits, awesome beatdown, KOs and great humiliation. No doubt we’ll be seeing more adventures of Elizabeth Croft soon.

Overall Score: 10/10