Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldEIGHT ROUNDS WITH SUMIKO and SK – 19 mins

In this simple and HIGHLY effective KO custom, the beautiful Sumiko challenges SK to an eight round battle…and it’s one that, try as she might, always ends with her completely unconscious in SK’s grip!  Sumiko starts off with some solid offense, but her strength wanes more and more after each loss, until she’s barely able to stand.  Fans of intense mixed combat and multiple dramatic KOs: this one’s for you!

Another instant favorite for me here and Sumiko again comes through with another great performance. I wouldn’t call this performance crazy OTT, but each round does end with Sumiko refusing to give up to a submission hold, then passing out and doing a lot of twitching, which is by far my favorite of all OTT reactions. And I just can’t say enough on how much Sumiko as improved her twitching. I used to feel it was the weakest part of her selling, but now it’s right up there with everything else she does. I also love the each round takes a little more fight out of Sumiko and even though she still refuses to give up, it isn’t long before she can’t fight back any more. So it starts out with Sumiko almost winning the first round, giving SK a hell of a fight, but by round 3 or so she’s easily taken down and out, then by the last few rounds, she clearly not all there anymore and it’s even easier to take her out. The last KO is an extended sleeper and there is a bit of drooling from that KO and even though it’s not a lot of drooling, I do love that the drool stays on her cheek for the closing scene. I also love the outfit choice here, not only do I love the red shiny bikini, but also, I love the fingerless gloves and matching red boots. I have become an even bigger fan of adding accessories to outfits, so gloves, boots, knee pads, elbow pads or anything else you can add to a bikini or one piece has become more important to me lately. Overall, this is a twitchy Sumiko squash and you know I can never get tired of seeing those.

Overall Score: 10/10