Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldEDEN vs SUMIKO: THE GRUDGE – 11 mins

Eden and Sumiko square off in this Grudge Match staring each other down while they stretch out wearing bikinis and racing suits.  No words are exchanged, the bell rings and the match begins.  Eden powers Sumiko into the wall, throwing a series of brutal Belly Punches that leave her gasping and winded, before hauling her out onto the mat for a classic Body Slam.  More Belly Punching rains down onto Sumiko’s be-jeweled belly while she whimpers and moans.  Another Body Slam and some trash-talking before the tawny brunette once again finds herself up against the wall, and absorbing more punching Belly Punches.  A wicked Face Slap suddenly fires Sumiko up and she turns the table with a Running Lariat, before returning the belly torturing favor by repeated Knee Lifts into Eden’s tummy while she’s trapped against the wall.  Showing Eden how it’s done, Sumiko throws her into a series of powerful Body Slams of her own, before yanking her into a Torture Rack than leaves Eden wailing and begging.  These girls hold nothing back as they tear into each other, but who will ultimately get satisfaction from The Grudge?

I’m not too sure what started this grudge, but after this matchup I think it’s safe to say, Sumiko has put an end to it. The move list in this video isn’t too grand, as a lot of moves are repeated, but the smoldering intensity between Sumiko and Eden really make this match much more interesting. Even though this is not exactly a squash match, once Sumiko takes control, it’s all over. And I love that Sumiko is in no hurry to win even when Eden is clearly beaten, she picks Eden up a number of times for more punishment. The reactions aren’t over the top here, but we do finally get a little twitching after Eden final piledriver. Both Eden and Sumiko are excellent actresses and even better sellers, so it never really matters which way the match was going to go we were going to be in for a treat.

Overall score: 9.5/10