Review of EAST and EDEN

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldEAST and EDEN – 11 Mins

EdenWhat starts off as a back and forth belly punching contest turns UGLY… when Eden decides to finish the battle by just beating the crap out of her opponent (the lovely Sumiko)!!!   The powerful Eden grows a bit concerned after the seasoned Sumiko’s fists start wearing her down (4 rounds in), so she takes a cheap shot… nailing a brutal knee to Sumiko’s belly when she’s not prepared for it. She proceeds to destroy Sumiko with a running wall splash, belly claws, belly punches galore, a massive EAT DEFEET KO drop, sleeper hold KO, shirt removal revealing a sports top, humiliating writing on her abs, a victory pose, multiple belly blows against the wall to a KO,  an over the shoulder carry,  a second sleeper hold KO, post KO belly blows, axe handle belly finishing blow, a matchbook pin, and a second and FINAL victory pose… before leaving her “opponent” unconscious on the mats.

Can you think of two better abs to be showing off in a belly punch battle gone wrong, then these two? If you’re a big fan of sexy fit bellies you’re not going to find much better then Sumiko and Eden. So, long story short Eden thought she was going to lose the belly punching battle vs Sumiko and decides to just cheat and beat the crap out of Sumiko. I’m really glad it went this way instead of Sumiko winning, mainly because Sumiko is such an outstanding jobber and this is only Eden’s second vid ever, so just based on overall selling Sumiko is the easy pick. That and Eden is really, really good at being the heel, which I also noted in her first vid and she made it clear here again. I mean I do want to see Eden play the jobber too, but right now I’m loving her as the mean, cheating, trash talking heel. I love the outfits, of course once the shirts are off, showing off those great abs and just a nice change from the norm, bikinis or one piece suits. Those great abs of Sumiko is the primary focus of Eden’s attacks, with a few other wrestling moves mixed in. Sumiko… doesn’t even need to be said, but flawless again in her selling. This is how I want all my belly punching/punishment vids to be like… One sided, cheating, humiliation, a couple of KOs, great outfits… This one is just really good.

Overall Score: 9.5/10