Review of Drool Sumiko, Drool

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Review of Sumiko DreamsDrool Sumiko, Drool – 13 mins

Fabulous beauty Sumiko is stretching on the mats in a skimpy bikini. The devious and sexy Lucy Purr is lurking, waiting to pounce on her unsuspecting prey.  A soaked cloth is administered to the frantic and flailing Sumiko. Darkness falls over the lovely wrestler. Her tormentor gleefully checks her lifeless body from head to toe and caresses her gorgeous face. The strong potion leaves Sumiko powerless and drooling on the mat. Face slaps bring her back to half-consciousness. She is stunned and humiliated to see her own spit on the mats. It’s off to dreamland again and again as the sadistic Lucy revels in sending her victim to sleep with a variety of methods. Begging does Sumiko no good as she tearfully suffers unspeakable, drooling embarrassment.  The ultimate shame is a hair dragging walk through her own wet juices.

I stumbled across this little gem in another one of my random check-ins on Sumiko store recently and I knew right away I was going to have to review this one for you guys. So, if the titles doesn’t give away what the main idea of this video is, please let me enlighten you. Sumiko is KO’d and left drooling multiple times. Besides for her some nice eyerolling, that’s the only over the top aspect of this video, but Sumiko goes all in with it, literally laying in little pools of her own drool at times and Lucy’s squeezing and poking of her face only makes the drooling worse. I love that Sumiko was totally out of it after the first KO, so  she’s dazed and confused when she’s conscious and all the following KOs she was super easy to put down. Lucy doesn’t talk too much, but clearly is having a great time knocking out, playing with and humiliating poor Sumiko. All but one of the KOs are face down or darri-air, so Sumiko’s face is pressed into the mats and we get some great close up of her poor drooling face. There’s some really great humiliation for last part as the half conscious Sumiko is led by her hair and made to crawl in circles as she continues to drool all over the place. And of course every bit of this is performed and sold to the level that we have come to expect from Sumiko. If drooling is a thing you love to see this is a definite must own for you.

Overall Score: 10/10